What Parents Should Know About JUULing

Technology has been raising a storm by infiltrating almost all aspects of human existence, leaving no doubt about its wonderful abilities and its potential to lead the spark towards positive living. But is this all there is to it? What about the downsides? You read that right. Technology has its downsides too, and the big problem is that only a few people are aware of these downsides. Let us discuss one of such challenges brought about by technology, JUULing. Most parents probably don’t know what the word JUULing means, when it is increasingly becoming a problematic trend among their teens and kids.

What Is JUULing?

The word ‘JUULing’ is culled from the brand name JUUL and refers to a habit of smoking the e-cigarette brand. The working process of the e-cigarettes involves that certain disposable pods with liquid contents of flavoured nicotine and other toxic ingredients are used for the purpose of getting high. The JUUL contains a mechanism that aids in heating the liquid contents, producing the vapour that’s been inhaled.

The Dangers of JUULing

It is true that no e-cigarette is recommended for teens under the age of 18, but what do you do when these teens in a bid to lay their hands on it, lie about their age? We should even be particularly concerned about JUULs for the alarming level of nicotine that it contains. With the negative effects of nicotine being so numerous (addiction, increased risk of respiratory disorder, a rise in blood pressure, etc.), we can only hope that kids and teens get to learn the risk they are subjecting themselves to by indulging in the use of JUULs. Apart from the health risks involved, the use of JUULs and other e-cigarettes also open up the possibility of future addiction to real tobacco products, causing a scare or severe possible health consequences.

What Is Driving The Popularity Of JUULing Among Teens?

JUULs contain a high level of nicotine, but that’s not even the major cause of its increasing popularity among teens. Another major feature that has increased the popularity of JUULs is its ability to facilitate secrecy. E-cigarettes are mostly designed to look like normal cigarettes in shape and size, sometimes even bigger, but JUULS is different. They come in very tiny sizes, with the looks of a small flash drive. This very deceptive look adds up with an ability to produce very little vapour to make them easily concealed by teens.

How Do You Protect Your Teens From JUULing?

Of course, it is possible to help your kids control the habit of JUULing, since you’ve already been enlightened on what it is and all its negative effects. Here are a few tips that should help you keep your teenagers safe:

  • The first and most important step to take is to start creating a good relationship with your teens so that they can trust you as a worthy confidant when they need help.
  • Educate your teens by talking directly to them about JUULing. Don’t hide facts because you think that they will be safer if they don’t know about it. There is a bigger chance that they’ll get to know about it from their pairs, and you don’t want them getting the wrong information about JUULs first.
  • Know what JUULs and other e-cigarettes look like, so you’d know when your teens start keeping them.
  • Your teens will always watch you as a role model. Set an example by not indulging in the product yourself.
  • Above all, always educate them about the health hazards they stand to develop by indulging in the use of JUULs or any brand of e-cigarettes.

The high level of nicotine contained in JUULs is a major reason why it is a major concern to parents, but the truth remains that all e-cigarettes are unsafe for kids and teens, irrespective of nicotine content level. The information presented in this article is to be a guide that will help you in the process of putting your kids in the right direction towards making healthy life choices.